How Do I get Started and FAQs

Am I locked in to a certain number of months? 
Nope, cancel at anytime!

Can classes be taken without the box? 
Yes, However the workouts are designed around the BOX and integrated into the O44 METHOD workouts.  But there is also a library of O44 BARRE and travel workouts for subscribers using light equipment and no equipment.

Where do I watch my classes? 
You will have a login to my site and can view workouts on your Computer, Ipad or Smart Phone.

Where should I workout?
Wherever you have space for a mat and the BOX!

Do I need special equipment?
You will need the O44 METHOD BOX which comes with resistance tubing.  Many of the workouts also integrate hand weights, ankle weights, a hip band and squishy ball.  Any brand of these items will work.  The workouts can also be done without these items.

What should I wear?
Whatever you are comfortable exercising in and sneakers.

What do I do if need special accommodation?
I will provide alternatives for certain exercises while teaching and will also hold a regular zoom to answer questions about form, exercises and alternatives as well as field questions around whole health topics you are interested in learning more about. I want nothing more than to help you. Email me!!